The Kenya we want

A look at the current political elite who are running up and down looking for votes from us, in the pretext that they are good leaders makes many wonder if as Kenyans, we are serious enough to continue allowing them to run this country and continue depleting our resources and our hard-earned wealth. Just the other day, if not a few months ago, everybody was up in arms saying that our legislators pay taxes. What happened to the euphoria in the Kenyan public after the cabinet and the treasury decided to use the public coffers to settle their tax arrears? What of those who had publicly declared that they had paid their arrears, were they refunded now that we were paying for them? For how long are we going to see these small group of people defraud and impoverish us?


At the moment, most of them are going round the country, and instead of telling us and proving how they are going to impact on agenda for this country’s economy, they are busy trading insults and accusations. If possible all the current politicians should not be allowed to run for any political office this coming and any other elections in Kenya. They need to be banned for life from participating or even thinking about holding public offices.


During the Moi era, everyone used to say tribalism was so rife the country was going to split apart due to ethnic hatred. Came in the Narc regime with the promise of amending the mistakes from the past. This has only resulted in tribalism being branded a new title, Merit/Qualification, as if just a few communities have better qualifications that the rest of the country! At least Moi used to try balance out to enhance his divide and rule policies. How can one explain how the financial and security sectors of the republic are headed and controlled by people from the same geographical area? Is it that there is something the leadership is trying to cover up, or is it awarding political and tribal cronies for their unequivocal support to a certain person during his quest to obtain power? This is the worst time in the history of this nation and if not checked, might be a stepping stone for other crazy atrocities that might befall this country.


To me the current crop of politicians that we have a lazy bunch who are so corrupt that they can even sale our country to someone as long as they get a share of the kill. Property prizes in the city have skyrocketed to an extent that the locals are no longer owning most of the buildings in our CBD. If a building does not belong to the government, then it has been purchased by an individual from our neighboring country. Why can’t the government step in and reverse these gains? If we do not do something about it now, the economy of this nation will be in the hands of foreigners. Logic than dictates that whoever controls the economy runs the country, no matter what political powers the leaders and the local populace have.


Are we headed to become a society that is controlled by just a few people willing to impose their religious views and rules to everyone? Yes, we are. Looking to the acquisitions taking place in Nairobi CBD tells all this. Where there was a bar/restaurant but later sold off, there is a new building housing stalls with restrictions to opening up or running bars within. Soon we will only be allowed to go into town if we are dressed in a particular way.


As a people, as much as we believe in diversity and humanitarian assistance, we need to take action now and either come up with laws that will restrict land and property acquisitions by foreigners, or compulsorily repossess what has already been acquired to restore our pride and glory.


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