GIS Certification and the current Kenyan situation

A prerequisite for setting up a viable certification program is the presence of a strong professional association that brings together most practitioners from the GIS industry. In Kenya, such a body does not exist and thus needs to be established first, to unify the profession and develop uniform standards for certification. This will go a step ahead and eliminate the issues that arose in the computing industry with the advent of many computer colleges leading several graduates with certificates but incompetent in the field.

 the below is concluded of GIS Certification:

GIS application areas cover a wide range of academic and professional preparation fields.  Because GIS professionals come from a wide variety of backgrounds and academic preparation, no one group can claim to represent all approaches and applications within the GIS community.  Also, given the volatile nature of the field, and the rapid change currently underway in software development and application deployment, adequate preparation today does not guarantee competency in the future.  Thus, an overarching program to ensure appropriate professional preparation and competency must be developed by those parties interested in safeguarding the viability of the field and the competency of those claiming professional status. By including a wide range of professional organizations within the certification development process, and working to include the interests of all GIS professionals by developing both a reasonable core set of competencies and appropriate specialized evaluations within the certification process, all groups will benefit from certification.


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