Hackers steal $1.2m of bitcoins from, a supposedly secure wallet service

In a phone interview with Australia’s AM radio show Tradefortress responded to challenges that the theft was ‘an inside job’, though he insisted that he wouldn’t be reporting the theft to the police because the bitcoins are untraceable and it would be impossible to track the culprit.

When asked about his age, Tradefortress told the publication: “I’m over 18 but not much over.”

Tradefortresses’ public identity still remains unknown, however his reputation on Bitcointalk seems to be questionable, with at least two members claiming to have been scammed by him for failing to deliver on coding projects he had already been paid for. He has said that he wishes to retain his anonymity as he now fears for his safety in light of this recent heist.

Tradefortress also runs as well as


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