To ensure success, the Fight against Corruption must begin at School

Fighting corruption is increasingly an uphill struggle in our society.

A recent TI report said that stepping up the fight against corruption in education is necessary not only to keep kids in school and achieve their educational goals, but also to ensure that the next generation is prepared to say “No” to corruption.

I believe that children at a tender age have the potential to fight corruption that is plaguing our society. When children learn the reality of everyday corruption from an early age they are likely to reject it, even if their parents take it as a reality of everyday life.

There is need for the government and stakeholders to introduce anti-corruption clubs in primary schools as part of an effort to reach young people and inculcate the values of open and responsible governance. The clubs should be formed with the mission to sensitize pupils and teachers alike, to raise awareness and empower them to tackle the ills of corruption. Pupils should be encouraged to refrain from bad behaviour such as coming to school late, dressing indecently, abusing others, fighting, stealing, cheating in examinations or bribing teachers to get higher grades.

By embracing and impacting the values to our young children in the society, we will be building a generation of morally sound people who will lead the struggle against corruption. The end result will definitely be young people that have been implanted with core values to make them responsible citizens.

Anti-corruption associations in schools have been instrumental in addressing graft in 24 countries across the world, including Chile, Italy, Pakistan, Thailand and Tanzania.

Where are we as a country?