For the moment

Sometimes, deep inside of me,
I long for the moment of freedom,
And love in truth,
I question so much,
But I am not afraid,
Afraid to want you,
Even more than I have had you,
You make me see life differently,
Where all is green and full of love.

Just to think of how it,
Could be I wish for more,
For where I want to be,
I need to realize,
And come out,
Out of the lost reality,
To start enjoying,
Every moment that,
Passes by all with you.

Yes. Sometimes I act stupid,
But you always pick me up,
Tolerating all my crap,
You try to live for the moment,
Letting me be comfortable and moulded,
In a better way,
I wish all this could be real,
For all moments in space.

A song of you fills inside of me,
I have grown into a crazy self,
That lingers allover,
Waiting for the moment,
The moment that hasn’t arrived,
Longing for that,
When you will sing,
Sing to me,
Deep beneath,
Under the dark skies,
All to cure me,
Of my longing,
And love will forever blossom,
For the moment.


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