Can it ever be real?
Was life meant,
To be the way I see it?
Maybe one day,
Reality will dawn on me,
And it will all come to,
Pass in Love.

I don’t know how,
It will feel,
Everything revolves,
Around our being,
My feelings for you,
Waiting for the day,
That all will be just,
About you and me,
In our little world,
Where love prevails over,
Everything else,
Never ending and,
A climax of our being.

Never be alone,
Promise to always be there,
For us when we need each other,
Even in the darkest of moments,
When all seems to have been lost,
Continue to be part of me,
And me part of you,
Believing and living all there is,
Rushing for the true love,
Together in kindness,
Seeing it, beneath and deep in you.

For the time I have known you,
Been trying to understand myself,
All without success,
Only hope is you,
Living for you, your love,
You make me levitate,
Empty spaces,
Little space, yes, little,
Making me feel better,
I know I am well,
Not for the moment,
But for a lifetime.

Beneath all my thinking,
My body,
My soul,
My everything,
The never dying spirit,
Longs for you,
To feel alive once again,,
To be there with you,
For you and for me.


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