That was

The broken promises,
Broken lives,
Broken wings,
That have,
That were,
Once alive, but,
Are just that,
The past that never was,
Life goes on.

Live for the moment,
You will win in some,
You will lose in others,
It doesn’t mean that all is lost,
It could just be,
The stepping stone,
Of the best that is yet to come,
Life goes on.

Memories of times gone by,
The games played,
The visits, journeys,
The sacrifices,
The envy, pain, foes, friends,
The Love, love, love,
All long, long and about,
Everything, our surroundings,
Gone, gone with the wind may be,
For the best of it all,
Life goes on.

Some say goodbye,
Some stick,
Some dangle precariously,
Like soot strands,
Let go of some,
Wishes, wishes, dreams,
That never were,
Allowed to blossom and,
Continue with all,
That is in this journey,
Our escape, strong enough to,
Take the dreams,
And make them ours,
For the life that we live.


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