Until the end

Crazy thoughts on the side,
Crazy heads,
Or is it the feet?
The hands?
The eyes or ears?
No one knows,
Not even own self!

Twisted wishes,
Twisted minds,
Twisted feelings,
Twisted lifestyles,
Twisted laughter,
Twisted words,
Twisted cold world.

Till the end,
Wishing for everything,
Wants everything,
For everyone,
For myself,
Just for selfishness,
Supplying all that is about me,
Me for me,
Not caring about the rest,
Life is about me.

Time to stop worrying,
And start being angry,
Angry at the system,
Start up,
Stand up,
For what is ours,
Not theirs,
Not mine,
For continuity,
For prosperity,
Until the end,
The end of everything,
The end of time.


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