Raining on me

I make mistakes and,
Sometimes tend to be difficult,
And hard to handle,
Or even make you feel,
Like you don’t belong.
Its seems unfair,
But, yes, I am that way.
I might try to change,
Put in more effort,
Try to get us to the meeting point,
But it might not always come out as expected.
Maybe one day,
It will be clear to both of us,
That, life is just what it is.
Unions are for what they are,
And might be difficult at some time.
Important as it may seem,
Being part of someone,
Is not an easy task.
It requires more than just the will,
The will to belong.
And sometimes,
Yes, sometimes,
It never ends up as we wished.
Hard as it may be, trying should never stop,
For we never know when it will rain on us.


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