Today’s world

Power corrupts.
It is sweet.
It gives.
It takes away.
It rewards.
It can also destroy.
It kills!
Power all the time.
Power everyday.
Power everywhere.
The dream of all, sane or not!

But power is not eternal. When there comes a new power, to push the old power out, massive destruction takes place. During this time, the people who really feel the destruction are those not in power. The common man.

Unfortunaty, this is the nature of our world. Especially today’s world…

Tell lies. Beat up your perceived opponents. Slaughter them. Grab all you can. Kill. Defraud. Embarass. Legitimise all that favours you. Take everything from anyone. Insult in all manner of ways. Declare your position as the ideal way. Use your ‘people’ to protect your ills.

Sad reality is that the maginalized and powerless are the ones helping the powerful to lie, beat up, slaughter, kill, grab, insult and embarass themselves. All in the name of protecting ‘our own’ against the perceived threat of the opponents!


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