Let Her Fly away…

Give her wings. Enjoy the flight together as she shares the warmth under her wings. Love her. Watch her fragile self take care of you with love and humility. Lift her up when down. Feel her pull you above and over your barriers, uplifting every part of you. Celebrate her. See her tremendous positivity pour and awash everything to fruition in your life. Help her overcome her weaknesses. Enjoy the fruits of a strong woman taking care of her man. Liberate yourself from hate and jealousy. Experience a liberated woman ready to take on the world for you. Be yourself and let her be herself. Live a happy life together where diversity and not competition flourishes. Be the man she adores, admires, cherishes and lives for. She will fly away with you. She is my Woman!

Life is short. Enjoy the moments you have with whom you love. Do not hold on to Love. Spread it! Share your feelings. Liberate the souls of others from hatred. Join hands and fly her away to a place where Love flourishes.


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