Empty Reality

That moment when you just feel empty. Empty of everything. Like your body, mind and soul have been scooped out of you. You lack this. You lack that. You lack this and that. You lack what you dream of. And you know you will never get that of your dreams.

You just stare. You wonder. Your ask yourself questions. Many questions. You wonder why you were born in this crazy society where humanity and love is not part of the human species. Why were you born in this land where there is no hope, future nor fertility? Sterility in the land is the in thing and the land does not yield any harvest.

You think. You think if you are there or not. Being or not being. You are and you are not. Or you are not, yet you are. You decide to move. To move to a better place. You try to move you legs. They are stuck. You feel that you have stopped but in reality you are moving to an unknown place. You resist. The wind of time pushes you. You just stand there still, unaware of your surrounding.

You finally give in. You perish like any other soul that tried before you. All souls that tried to lay a new path. A path different from the one set by others. Those who feel they are always right.

Memories. Memories of old. All happening at fast speeds. The inner being fighting the outer being. Pushes and pulls. No one seems to win. This is a never ending war. For eternity maybe!

Judge me. Critise me. Go against my wishes and plans. Move past. Cry foul. Lay blame. Curse. Hit back. Retaliate. Push and shove. Cry all you want. All that remains is that you do not know me and you will never understand my being!


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