Take me away

You mean the world to me,
All that I have,
I will join you,
Lead the way,
Out of here,
To another place,
Without hesitation,
Hope is our rest,
When not sure,
Of what is ahead of us,
Le us go,
Take me away!

Walk the way with me,
Hand in hand,
We move,
Maybe run,
Take a rest,
Doze off,
When we lack,
Our dry smiling faces,
Just seeing each other,
Our troubles forgotten,
Back to life,
Eating as the birds of the air,
Wishing for no tomorrow,
Never breaking a sweat,
Nature will take care of us,
Sleeping off all our troubles,
For it is all we have,
All we live for,
Take me away!

I think of my life…our life,
I just wonder a lot,
Thinking of you,
Maybe fly away,
Free kites we are,
Let the wind take over,
Floating and dreaming,
Never drop till I tire,
Push untill I tire,
You never know what awaits,
Many have been taken,
Reality beacons,
For tomorrow may never come,
Take me away!


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