Inside out

Empty stares,
Crazy it may seem,
Signs of it,
Just starting,
Maybe it’s over,
Yeah, it’s over!

Cry out,
Let it burn,
Thrust it out,
Rub it in,
Gloomy is the future,
But that is just it,
You cannot expect much,
Out of a world full of madness,
All around,
Look and you will find,
Smiles all over everyone,
Rejoicing as others are hurt!

Never look back,
Always remember,
Lessons from the past,
Smile at the near misses,
For they make you who you are today!

Dance in the rain,
Splash in the mud,
Swim in the dust,
Wash up,
And start all over again,
Better beginnings…
For there is no end!


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