The Drugs of Society

This is for our people,
Your people,
My people,
The spoils of of our society,
The rotten ones,
Spoilt for choices,
Never ending struggles,
Fights for all there is,
No option to give up,
For you never know,
When it will come,
Your side and cool you down,
We all need it,
The drugs of society!

You should see them,
Everywhere you look,
They are what you seem,
Not to realize what,
They are in reality,
Maybe emptiness is,
All they portray,
Controlling in nature,
The drugs of society!

People dying like flies,
Religion and politics,
The real cause of all problems,
Facing humanity here,
Following us even in death,
Love is all but gone,
All that remains of us,
Is pure anger and hatred,
Of each other,
Blaming and complaining of,
The drugs of society!


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