The downfall

Silent beginnings,
Reflections of it all,
Tempers flaring,
For opportunities lost,
Lives lost,
For the needs that never were!

The thoughts,
The wishes,
The dreams,
Day dreaming,
Of who we be,
In the midst of this chaotic place,
Only music,
Great music,
Will redeem us!

Music is a reflection of self,
The life that we live,
Trying to squeeze out,
Every single drop of oneself,
Expressing what is you,
Maybe for a moment,
Maybe for a lifetime!

You just have that one chance,
To prove yourself,
To those who think they matter more,
You cannot go on,
You give up everything,
And collapse,
With your world upside down!

Lost for hope,
Swept away by the feet,
Celebrating what is,
And what is not,
Not knowing yourself,
Just lost in it,
Or maybe…just maybe,
You are not even back,
Acting as if you returned,
Walking steadily…as if sailing,
As the lights fade away,
In a solo constellation!

Tell me,
Did you think,
That something went a miss?
Or people were imagining,
That you almost lost it?
Even when you knew,
That the monologues,
And silent personal conversations,
Were just but part of you,
Not unwell but feeling like,
You were flying away,
Like a free kite to the winds,
Into the galaxies past,
The milky way passing by!

And now,
You are just there,
Trying to find yourself,
Looking everywhere,
For the true you,
Never admitting to a word,
Even the fainties of the truth,
But time is no longer on yourside,
Give up and go for the downward spiral!


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