With you

Can we get it tonight?
Tell me if you like it,
Can I be me?
Can you be you?
Many things on my mind,
But you get me so high,
Crazy is the feeling,
Just for tonight,
Me and you,
To make the world go round,
Our world,
Untill we are tipsy!

Hold me,
Get me,
Feel me,
Take me,
Tease me,
Let the world know,
We are here for the long,
Not just the night,
Eternity maybe!

Never seen you so fly,
Tonight is the day,
I like what I see,
Let the world turn blind,
All we care is what we have,
With the wind they may go,
If they think we are but playing,
This is a reality!

I need to feel you,
Feel your breathing,
To stay with you,
Even when my eyes are closed,
I see you,
Still missing you all the time,
Never want to miss a thing,
To hold you close,
The rest of my time!


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