Take a rest

Life is a big party when you are still young
Despite the dreams in your head
Screams of reality push you off
Reminding you of the old
A wild world it is!

This is unlike of you
Very strong in all areas
But crying and implying
The world has turned you away
The agonies of not
Realizing your dreams.

Take a walk,
Think about all there is
Realize it is just but
Empty air everywhere
With no prospects whatsoever
Circle around
Secretly and quietly
Move out.

Trying to concentrate
Your mind takes a walk
Away from you
Strays far off
You are left there
An empty sack
No feelings
No emotions
Love is lost!

Deep down your eyes
There are signs of hope
Hope that all will be well
Not that you are not beautiful
But the society’s view
Has knocked you out
You may never recover.


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