The pressure is just too much,
Sometimes I get upset,
Sometimes I feel like quiting,
My mind about to explode,
With everything that I own,
Time to take matters in my own hands,
Not to follow their footsteps,
I am setting my own,
Never bothered about the sorroundings,
It is my credibility,
Maybe I need a new outlet,
Trying to travel this road,
There is no sun,
No moon,
It is too dark to move,
It aint my fault,
It takes all,
All I need is a catch.

I am sorry,
I will travel alone,
Time to escape,
I am gone,
It is the only way I know,
It is my road!

But why do I keep on fighting,
Is it everything I need?
Is it worth it?
Where must I go?
Who must I know?

Maybe climb up,
Forcefully if I may,
To reach the new world,
I might not know where to,
But just trying to regain back,
All that I seem to have lost,
My lost defences,
The overload,
It only requires time.

Where do I go?
Suddenly it is a search,
Of the unknown,
Get scared,
Stand up to the fear?
Just go on!

I cant climb up,
Same old crap,
Whatever goes on,
In my little head,
I got all the ingredients,
All I need is the push,
I have learned,
It is time for me to u-turn,
Never to drop,
No pulling apart,
Time to explode!


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