The Escape

The overload,
Stupid thoughts,
The urge,
The thirst,
Suddenly its a feeling,
It is a surge,
Even though significant,
The loss of my punchlines,
No longer scared now,
Hit the brakes on it!

Medication maybe,
An outfit for the needs,
Out of my lips,
My heavy head,
Make it my own,
No need to understand,
Doing all these,
Subconscious of the repercussions,
Like I already had the medal.

Everything I need,
All on the sides,
Who wants me?
Another gravel maybe,
What a savage,
Ends in darkness,
Out of my skin,
Escaping reality?

The pain of it all,
It is almost over,
All that I have been,
In the system,
Not a moment in thought,
Never too far,
To where I wish for,
Trying to make it my way,
I still might,
I must get up,
And escape!


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