Maybe Life is just a trip

Bright and aluring,
Excited to see,
And experience,
Your face,
A lovely face,
Happy moments,
Seeing the face,
I am still smiling,
The thought of it all, makes everything about you endure forever.

The world is changing,
Fewer and fewer chances come by,
In the pursuit of life
We go through a lot,
Love is our hope,
The end is but the end,
An unstoppable force,
Pushing us to the extreme,
Just to make a living!

They try to bring you down,
Stepping on you,
Crushing you,
Pissing on you,
Spitting on you,
Demeaning you,
Belittling your ways,
Creating stumbling blocks and building walls. To halt your progress.
Making all you do unbearable.

In misery you forge ahead,
Doing your best,
Your head kept high,
Moving through the tides,
All along it is clear to you that,
Life is just a trip and,
Even death has a reason!


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