I might seem crazy,
Thoughts running wild,
Seems here now but not,
I am there but I am not,
Starved mind I think,
Possessed it has become,
Unrealistic dreams allover,
Never thinking straight.

The word moves ahead,
Life moves on,
The mind strays,
Away to the fields,
The open fields,
Where the grass is green,
And lushy,
Welcoming thoughts,
Reversed mind games.

Look outside,
I see people,
A reflection of people I should say,
Empty bodies moving around,
Looking for something,
Maybe food?
They are half dead half alive,
Moving sacks!
These are those who were the who and who in society untill they stumbled down the ladder with the regime change,
Crumbling continues,
Things will never get any better.

Rampant corruption, tribalism, clanism, nepotism, favouritism and impunity,
Have taken over,
Those in power say things are getting better,
The masses cry out,
No one comes to their rescue,
The same shallow minds will vote with their stomachs come election time,
Voting for the tribesmen,
And the cycle continues.

We will never see the best in us,
Untill we come out of our tribal cocoons and think more of the society as a whole and deliver it to our children’s children.


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