In my tiny head…

I could be wrong
But I feel that this is true
Lately I have been lost
Sleep walking at times
All I do is roam in my head
All over these streets
My mind seems unsettled
Soul searching maybe
The dangers are real
And one day it will
Come to pass

I may be but new
Trying to crawl
But eventually I will walk
And even run
To places I dream of
Touch the right places
Be given to
In fullness deserved

Been a long time
Easily became weak
Slipped into this
Awareness lost
Untill it becomes all messy
Get down and start
Allover from the bottom
Try again

I want to get in
I am scared
Not sure what awaits
It could be real
Ruined I might be
Trying ain’t an option
Time will play its part
Keep on moving

Wrong timing
You want in
Could be
A new beginning
Tell me you feel me
The air smells the same
When do I stop?

Got to satisfy this urge
Ahead I must forge
All negativity to dodge
The uncertainty to purge
Important to keep the pledge
But not to sit on the edge


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