Our way…


We maim and kill each other. Why? For Religion. Sex. Gender. Race. Colour. Tribe. Family. Clan. Politics. All that oppresses the other for the benefit of a few.

What is the benefit of all this? Death upon death. Heaps and heaps of ill gotten wealth. Power. Power in the heads. Empty heads. Filthy thoughts. Hatred. Profiling humanity. Discrimination. Retarded minds and a rotten society.


We are a religious society. Proclaiming and spreading what ought to and giving a blind eye to the evils in our society. Preachers. Politicians and ‘leaders’ ( if there are any left) drink from the same pot. Oppresion of the masses is their food. Lecturing us on the way of society – their way. Not our way.


My prayers. Yes, sometimes I pray for our society. My prayer is to see humanity living together. Love spreading allover. It is only by getting rid of religion and its sycophants that we will achieve self actualization and peace! Religion is the single major cause of conflicts in our today’s societ.


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