How long?

It may seem like it began yesterday
That the interest was never there
That it just happened
Out of disparity
And the need to belong
To fit in the moment
Not to feel left out
If only you could feel it
Then you will understand

It has been
And it is the
Greatest intention
To get to you
To know you
To be close to you
To share with you
To laugh with you
To fight and argue
Crying together sometimes
Eventually holding hands
Kissing and hugging
As we grow together
To enjoy every moment
Of ourselves and all we have
The dreams to share
Creating what we want
To live a happy life
A fulfilling life
A rewarding life
Never scared or bothered
Of the external noises
They are just but noises
To cheer us on

The thought of you
In that tight dress
The curves
The moves
The steps
All conspire against
My every resistance
I get knocked off
Then I look up
The smile
The beauty in you
The eyes
They are welcoming
You are a beauty indeed

When will it be
How long
Before I touch
Before I begin
Before I am welcomed
In, to feel it
And to be apart of you
Show me where to start
Look deep inside and
You will feel me



The awesome feelings all drowned
Feels like I am headed for a breakdown
Making friends with the passing wind
Living the day all on hopes that
Tomorrow might be good
But I don’t know how

I miss the sounds
I miss the places
I miss the smiles
I miss the sadness
I miss the shouts
I miss the person
I miss the company
I miss everything
That is about then

It was fun and games
Enjoying every moment of it
The silent conversations
Going on till silence becons
Tightly holding on
Look at the front door
Now it is just but memories
Could however relieve the times
Just to satisfy the feelings


Mtachoka tu…

Wangu amenithibiti kivyote
Semeni yote
Mtalala kwa vyote
Yu nyumbani na pete
Katulia kwani ashapata yote
Mtakayo, mema au maovu yalete

Hatuwachani kwa maneno yenu
Roho zetu burudani
Masikio tumeyaziba
Kando tutaangaza
Ya njiani ni yakupita

Fanyeni mfanyayo
Rudini kinyumenyume mkituona
Tupo hatuondoki
Raha ni zetu
Machungu na tamu yetu
Kamwe hatutachoka
Jijueni kwani hatufanani
Kuwapa karaha enyi mahasimu

Kwa upole tutakumbatiana
Mambo mazuri hayataki haraka
Yote yenu hayatutilii shughuli
Mkipenda msipende
Shauri ni yenu
Vumilieni msije jitonesha vidonda
Twala vyetu mwala vyenu
Mvurugano wa nini?


That promise

Just explode!
Sometimes you get upset
It seems hard enough
To even try move ahead
It aint your fault
You can’t just do it
The same of everything
Whatever is going on
Inside of you
Promise yourself
To do all that is
In the interest of you
Not just for the moment
That you will never regret

You can’t get it
You will never see it
Never gain from it
Just have the rough time
When the crunch time comes
Work with all you have
Salvage the little you have
Up you will be gone
Some things are not right
Stick through if you may

It is cold
Maybe you need
To find an outlet
Move it out of your skin
The overload is too much
It will take one time
For you to give up
The only way to get comforted
Suddenly you will incur
The free will
To stand up
Travel the new lands
Fly past
Climb up
And escape all this

Feels like you are headed
For a breakdown but
I don’t know how
Indulging glances on the streets
Do you hear them whisper?
Talking about you?
You probably feel like
You have lost your mind
Talking in your sleep
Feeling that they will soon
Come to get you!