It seems wrong
Maybe a tragedy in waiting
But it feels good
Seeing angels
Lost in thoughts
Just be mine
I will be yours
Hold me
Say it one more time

A look in your eyes
Betrays you
You are strong
Trying to run
Run away
Away from all
The tears that
Have become part
Of your daily doing
But let it not derail you
Think about you
Then us
Be sure
Before you roll
Think twice
This is serious!

I talked to you
The other day
You said all was well
Maybe it is my silence
Or my inaction
Could be wrong
But you are
The only one
Who knows all
To make the decision


Let it grow…

Looking out
Of the places
Crazy thoughts
Lost breath moments
If only tears were laughter
It amazes me
All fun we had
All we have
Nothing changes
You are the reason
You are the one

Confusion never stops
Trouble always prevails
With you by my side
Nothing compares
To what we can achieve
Our destination is prime
Higher and higher we aim

The way you make
Me feel
Like heaven is here
My loneliness gone
Satisfaction to my soul
A feeling like
No other
Promise that you
Will go on
Sweat till
Dryness kicks in to
The crazy levitations
Start all over again
Panting for passion

No matter what comes
No matter what the say
No matter what they tell you
No matter how they try
To judge and persecute
At the end of it all
What you believe in
Is what is true
And thats all
That matters to me



Feeling the way I feel
Walking with my feet
Three feet up in the air
If there is anything
Trying to derail me
It might as well go
Go to hell!

She asked
Tell me if you are
And I told her
Damn I am tonight
In the middle of the rain
Longing for the moment
To go home
And find you
All smiles
Out of this world
My heaven on earth

Should have given you
Anything you wanted
Should have taken you
Anywhere you wanted
Should have answered
All questions you asked
Should have told you
Everything you wanted
Should not have
Second guessed
Should have lived like
There was no tomorrow
Not to let the magic
Pass by and disappear


Strange worlds

Peace in crime infested neighbourhoods
Love amidst hate
The joy we live for
Doing it for love
Just to let you know
Seen a lot come
Seen a lot go
Seen a lot fail
Seen a lot disappear
Seen a lot break!

To talk the way you talking
Yet you know nothing about me
What you fighting for?
At the best all you got
Is crap on crap
Got you wondering
Who I hang around with
Who I eat with
Who I drink with
Talk all you can
Do all you want
We aint going anywhere!

This is how we roll
For those who claim
To be the best in the game
You say puffing out
Ain’t nothing wrong with
Riding out loud all over
Wasted opportunities
Not fancying this stuff
What if I die here?
Come taste me
Feel me?
I bring the best!


Go on…

Was about to fall down
Upon my face
For the same mistakes
Had lost the will
Then you came around
We were not meant to be
Got knocked over
Don’t know how
Didn’t see it come
It just happened!

You see the hate
That they serving
Let them be
We are us
They are them
What we gonna
Have for dessert?
It’s none of their business!
Let the wind blow
The good and the bad
The happy and the sad
Just make it worth!

Every morning
I look at you
And smile
My mind goes on a trip
Never thought it
Will be this deep
Now I am crushing
But it feels
So damn good
That I might fly
We are magic!

Amazing that
We had tried
So go on
As if there
Is no tomorrow
Maybe dreaming
We in paradise
Never wishing
To wake up!