Go on…

Was about to fall down
Upon my face
For the same mistakes
Had lost the will
Then you came around
We were not meant to be
Got knocked over
Don’t know how
Didn’t see it come
It just happened!

You see the hate
That they serving
Let them be
We are us
They are them
What we gonna
Have for dessert?
It’s none of their business!
Let the wind blow
The good and the bad
The happy and the sad
Just make it worth!

Every morning
I look at you
And smile
My mind goes on a trip
Never thought it
Will be this deep
Now I am crushing
But it feels
So damn good
That I might fly
We are magic!

Amazing that
We had tried
So go on
As if there
Is no tomorrow
Maybe dreaming
We in paradise
Never wishing
To wake up!


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