Let it grow…

Looking out
Of the places
Crazy thoughts
Lost breath moments
If only tears were laughter
It amazes me
All fun we had
All we have
Nothing changes
You are the reason
You are the one

Confusion never stops
Trouble always prevails
With you by my side
Nothing compares
To what we can achieve
Our destination is prime
Higher and higher we aim

The way you make
Me feel
Like heaven is here
My loneliness gone
Satisfaction to my soul
A feeling like
No other
Promise that you
Will go on
Sweat till
Dryness kicks in to
The crazy levitations
Start all over again
Panting for passion

No matter what comes
No matter what the say
No matter what they tell you
No matter how they try
To judge and persecute
At the end of it all
What you believe in
Is what is true
And thats all
That matters to me


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