“Jail” The comfort zone.

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I used to have a comfort zone

Where I knew I couldn’t fail

The same four walls of busy work

Were really more like jail
I longed so much to do the things

I’d never done before

But I stayed inside my comfort zone

And paced the same old floor
I said it didn’t matter,

That I wasn’t doing much,

I said I didn’t care for things

Like dreams,goals and such.
I claimed to be so busy

With the things inside my zone,

But deep inside I longed for

Something special for my own.
I couldn’t let my life go by,

Just watching others win.

I held my breath and stepped outside

And let the change begin.
I took a step and with new strength

I’d never felt before,

I Kissed my Comfort Zone “good-bye”

And closed and locked the door.
If you are in a Comfort Zone,

Afraid to…

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Undress quick
Damn you
Look so good
Lot of sound
Scream out
You feel it
Deep and dirty
Move along
Create the music
To your tune

He lives in
Your fairy world
Smarter than light
Take your life
Give it all
Keep the rest
Away from him
Starve to death
This is an angry world
Walk if you can


To the bone and back

From the beginning
Untill the end
Whatever goes on
Using wood to
Build coffins but
Schools run out
Of reading books
Confusion out in
The cold world
Just wanna live
And wake up
A better person

I am from K
Where the wrong
Language be cautious
Wanna know what
Is going on
But I don’t
Understand the language
Staying trapped like
Smashed cars in a yard

Travelled a few places
Realized you are the
Only one that can be
Mine and there
I wish I could give you
Yet I lack
Just blessed in me

How deep is it
Maybe like the ocean
Hold me closer
Let me feel it
To the bone and back
Take a walk
With me
Hand in hand


When I see you

It’s been a long time and
The day been long
Since I saw you
Hold on and
I will tell you
About how I feel
About it when
I see you again
Like a ghost
In my life

Back to where
I belong to
Shine on untill
You notice me
Can’t afford to
Lose this time round
Ain’t no one
Who can take
Your place in
My being

I know things aint easy
Disagreed a lot of times
But never meant
To hurt you



Gonna whip it up
Gonna stay up
Work it up
To true findings
Where the west meets the east
Where you been
Without me
All my taste fallen out
All I needed
To find me

Back then
I saw light
Nothing but you
Is all that mattered
But you were gone
In a flash

Happened too soon
To find myself out
Lying on the floor
The only one who
Ever knew me
Pass me to
Insecure parts
Searched but was
A little late

Been calling
Years years and years
You didn’t return the calls!


Spinning heads

Word on the street
That we got to do
What we have to do
To survive
Sometimes you
Have to lose
To gain
Keep your defences
So up
To meet the urge

Your trials
Your tribulations
Your sufferings
The deaths
The funerals
The pain
The jealous
The snitches
The revenge
Don’t let them
Come in between
You and your
Chance of survival
Nobody really knows
Who you are!

The mind
So fragile
Always on
The move
The life that
We live
Not for the
Roaches and the rats
Trapped in a cage
The light
Is gone
Keep on
Fighting to the end

Crazy onto
The dogs side
Some say
It’s just a small thing
To get to be true
Just nightmares
Not about me
Any more
No lost feelings though
Sometimes just
Trying to disappear
To listen to
The empty wild side
In reality though
Just there
With eyes wide open
Grinding through
Looking to find
A way to the day

Not your role to say
If I am right
Or wrong
You supply nothing
Of my needs
Forgive me
For my attitude
And sins
No one to trust
In this cold world
Just a matter
Of a struggle
For the right
To be

Maybe some comfort
To get me out
Seems to almost
Crushing out
These days are
Not meant for
You and me
Might not see it
But I feel it
Have to believe it
Though not sure
How it will be
All the while
Trying to make
Me fall for it
The struggle is real
Longing for the moment
When I will see it
A life at the end!


Keep burning…

Looking out
Across the fence
Empty eyes starring
Hungry souls everywhere
Anger flourishes
An uprising in the
Middle of the crowds
The masses lack
The elites have it all

The cries
The sorrows
The killing fields
The dead bodies
Murdered children
Slaughtered women
Daughters that are raped
Molested boys
Mass graves
Crocodile tears
And promises
To change
All falling
On deaf ears
Same journey awaits
Just a year
Or so and
We be back
To the same old story

The laughter
Tears of joy
Camouflaged sorrows
Lost love
Eventualities of the
Dysfunctional incompetent
Electoral system
Dead policies

Bury the lost
Plant flowers
Cry and mourn
Just enough
Move on
Start all over again
Feed the hate monster
Today it is them
Tomorrow is you
Get stuck!