Keep burning…

Looking out
Across the fence
Empty eyes starring
Hungry souls everywhere
Anger flourishes
An uprising in the
Middle of the crowds
The masses lack
The elites have it all

The cries
The sorrows
The killing fields
The dead bodies
Murdered children
Slaughtered women
Daughters that are raped
Molested boys
Mass graves
Crocodile tears
And promises
To change
All falling
On deaf ears
Same journey awaits
Just a year
Or so and
We be back
To the same old story

The laughter
Tears of joy
Camouflaged sorrows
Lost love
Eventualities of the
Dysfunctional incompetent
Electoral system
Dead policies

Bury the lost
Plant flowers
Cry and mourn
Just enough
Move on
Start all over again
Feed the hate monster
Today it is them
Tomorrow is you
Get stuck!


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