Spinning heads

Word on the street
That we got to do
What we have to do
To survive
Sometimes you
Have to lose
To gain
Keep your defences
So up
To meet the urge

Your trials
Your tribulations
Your sufferings
The deaths
The funerals
The pain
The jealous
The snitches
The revenge
Don’t let them
Come in between
You and your
Chance of survival
Nobody really knows
Who you are!

The mind
So fragile
Always on
The move
The life that
We live
Not for the
Roaches and the rats
Trapped in a cage
The light
Is gone
Keep on
Fighting to the end

Crazy onto
The dogs side
Some say
It’s just a small thing
To get to be true
Just nightmares
Not about me
Any more
No lost feelings though
Sometimes just
Trying to disappear
To listen to
The empty wild side
In reality though
Just there
With eyes wide open
Grinding through
Looking to find
A way to the day

Not your role to say
If I am right
Or wrong
You supply nothing
Of my needs
Forgive me
For my attitude
And sins
No one to trust
In this cold world
Just a matter
Of a struggle
For the right
To be

Maybe some comfort
To get me out
Seems to almost
Crushing out
These days are
Not meant for
You and me
Might not see it
But I feel it
Have to believe it
Though not sure
How it will be
All the while
Trying to make
Me fall for it
The struggle is real
Longing for the moment
When I will see it
A life at the end!


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