Dreaming away…

Everything about it
Makes me laugh
Every memory of
Walking talking laughing
Those old times
Listening to the radio
A photo of us
Sipping on black coffee
Laced with rum
I miss the moments
Could we perhaps
Try to relive the time?

A sacrifice of all
The memories past
Taken me down
To places with
Dark dirty streets
Feeling like life
Settled high but
Not strong enough
Willing to take
These dreams and
Make them mine

Trying to live
Like a blind
Man sick about
The sense of
Feeling reminding me
Of the sickening
Stories taking me
To the bottom
Of every battle

Never lived like
A wise man
Or even tried to
You must have been
The bad one
Was always true
Never tried deviate
Could be different
Could be wrong
Running for you!

I hate to turn
Up uninvited but
I could not live
Another moment as
Time flies fast
Yesterday was our
Glory filled time
But never mind
I wish nothing but
The best for you
Regrates and mistakes
Are great for memories
Dreaming away….