That was…

Life can be cruel
In ways we cannot explain
There are things in our lives
We can never change
We live a crazy life and
I hope you understand
And feel the same

It seemed perfect for you and me
The creations were out
Of this world
The moments
The feelings
Everything was special
Circumstances proved otherwise



If you could see the thoughts
Running in my head
I am tripping?
You playing

You just my type
I am a player?
Yes, it is true
But I will change the game for you

I have seen faces
Faces that you aint ever
Thought about thinking
He got replaced by a buster
Yet he thought she got love for him
Then you say I am tripping?
Can’t trust you for that
And just because you
Act like you don’t care
That’s the way it will be

Ain’t trying to preach
But I believe I passed the message.


The Break

Life is a big game
Situations so twisted that
If you got a late start
You have to run a little faster
And play with a big heart
So you dont get caught
Down beneath everyone else

Trying to take care of my life
And handle my business
I know the times are hard
And the problems seem endless
Temptations all over
Faith disappeared
But in times of despair we have to
Pull ourselves together and get back in it
Because nothing worse than a quitter!