You are appreciated

You are my strength
You are my sun
You are my light
You give me life
You give me joy
The power that
Drives me even
In my weakness
You are appreciated!

Your grace is sufficient
The enabler of my all
The silent helper
In times of need
Never letting go
Even with my dwindling
Faith in your ability
You are appreciated!

And for this
I will praise you Lord
Lifting your name high
In times of joy and laughter
In times of sorrow and need
For you deserve all
Our loving God
You are appreciated!


Lost chances

All I ever was
All I ever wanted
Is right there
In your eyes
Show it to
Me like the
Blossoming fields
Just burst into life

I don’t know how
Confused about it
But all I see in
Your perfect eyes
Reminds me that
These things might
Never change for us

Forget what you
Were told or
What you saw
Let us live
Like there is
No tomorrow as
We don’t need
Anything or anyone
We are all alone

If stayed here
Would you stay
With me and
Just be there
For us this
Our world alone
Feeling the best
Of what we
Always wished for

Listening to the
Love songs as
We watch the
Moon and the
Stars pass by
Waiting for our
Time to endulge
In ourselves!


Come, Quickly…

And we got to find
A way to rule here
Our love for each other
Must be the strongest
Never forgeting that
Your brother
Your sister
And you
Will at one time
Require an uplift
From down under

Look around you
It starts from there
Killing each other
Looting in all directions
Like there is no tomorrow
Our children’s children will
Curse us in their wars
Trying to fend for themselves

Life is just but a game
There are winners and losers
You could be in either
Fill your pot when you can
And help as many in need
For your time of need
Is coming quick


Kajitulizie mbali

Yepi unayoweza?
Chako kukibania
Cha mwezio kukipania
Kulaaniwa unajitakia
Usije ukajiporomosha bure!

Yangu ni yangu
Usijikoseshe utono kwayo
Kula huli bila kunitaja
Kuvimbiwa kwa kutotafuna
Na kumeza yas’o yako

Viroja na kelele zi’so maana
Tamu si tamu kwako
Uchachu wa maneno yako
Haujatosha kukusukuma mbele
Laana tu ndio zako
Jitulizie mbali
Usije ukatuambukiza!