Our Dance

You should know by now
Can’t you see what
You have done to me
I am happy inside
You are mine
And I yours
But don’t push me
Life Love can
Be crazy at times

I have seen them fall apart
I am ready to rise again
A time we start to learn
To love one another
It is getting too dark
Too dark to see
The heavens are beconing
I can’t push anymore
That dark cloud
Is coming down
I feel like this it
Love will take us
To the peak of it
Smiling back, laughing

Sometimes I look back
And wonder how
I came this far
Like I had been lost
Deep under
Wasting time going
Out of my mind
All I needed was
To be held tight
To make it through
You were there

If I wake up
From all this struggle
It is okay
If you are taking
The journey with me
But some things were
Meant to be
So let us not
Worry but let them be

Every day is a journey
Reminiscing of the past
At the height of no ambition
But this is not the end of life
Everyone saying all
Kinds of trash about us
But we know we
Will last through all this

There was a time
All I wanted was to
Hold onto the things
That matter to me
Doing what needs to be
I will come
Hold on
We will be fine
Dancing in the rain

Out of a million
You stand out
Every day I want more
You are the one
That makes me smile
Taking me to places
I have never been
I want to be there
With you all the time,

Let us party
And have a good time
Looking hot
And feeling fine
Laughing when there
Are no jokes
A paradise for us
Cruising in joy
Flying the sky


Hadi tuonane tena…

Ukumbusho wako
Kwetu majonzi
Kilio hakitoshi
Kutupunguzia machungu
Tabasamu ijapo
Utabakia kwetu
Rohoni milele

Kile kilichoka
Wewe sio?
Mengi ulitufunza
Umaarufu usio
Masimango na ugomvi
Wepesi wa kulaani
Tabasamu fiche
Ulitueleza tuwache

Peponi umetutangulia
Twajua umehama kabisa
Kuwa nawe tutahamu
Tena na tena
Milele na milele

Magharibi tutazame
Mwisho waja
Mengi tuyapiku
Furaha itutoke
Huzuni kukuaga
Dunia umetuwachia

Kukuza ul’otarajia
Muhanga tutasukuma
Upepo utavuma
Mashariki kurudi
Hadi tuonane
Tena ahera



While I tried my best
I knew it from the start
That you were the one
But I lied
Yes I lied, I lied
All the things I said
That I will
Never hurt you
But I did, yes I did
Here I am
Trying to be back
Crying about all
The nasty things I did
Said I will never
Turn my back on you
But I did
I know I was
Up and down
Running away
You tried to tell me
But as it goes
I broke your heart
Even though I knew
You would die for me
Now trying to get
My flow back
My return is here
Yes, here I am
Letting you know
That I am back
For you
Me me
For us

Damn it!
Stop lying
The feelings
The cries
And all the worries
Do not look back
Be strong