That feeling

As I walked around the world
To ease down my troubles
Along came the moon
The dark side
Of the moon

I left my body
Lying somewhere
I felt a sensation
I knew it had to
Be something about you
I feel like there
Is nothing I cannot do
As long as you remain
There, holding my hand

I really don’t mind
What happpens now
Or then
As long as
You be my friend
I will keep you
By my side

You are always there
You bump your head
And hurt your soul
But I took you
For granted
I let you down

If it were not for you
I wouldn’t be me
Hold on
Just be my friend
My everything
Even when I go crazy!



Look out
Look up
To the sky
The stars
They shine for you

I came along
Trying to get you
I took my time
Everything turned to
Something beautiful

I jumped along
I drew a path
Did all I could
Just to be there
For you I was
True to self but
Fate played me

It is true
Everything shines
For you
All the things
For you are mine, beautiful!