We are not of this world, but, we are in it

Are the things you are doing in your life bringing people to the Lord? Are all you do so secretive that no one knows you have a testimony?

Your light should shine bright. Your life should stand out and warn all that the life we are living is meaningless unless we see the light of Christ.

Can the world see the way of Christ because of your life? Let it be seen in all you do, say and live!

Ways Christians tend to engage the world
1. Conformed Christians
There is no difference between them and the others. The result is death.

2. Disengaged Christians
They only want to engage in prayer but are not engaged with the world. They are not pushing the world to a better direction and guiding others into a connecting with the Lord.

3. Impacting the world
They engage the world to build it and reach out to many to engage the Lord. By engaging the world, God will use us to impact the world positively.

We are not of this world but we are in it. God’s plan is to use us as christians to reflect and shine His light to the world. Let us engage the world!