Ain’t the same

I used to think about
How am gonna make it
Trying to make ends meet
Struggling day to day

Hoping a day will come
When things will go my way
To live a wholesome life
Fulfillment galore

Struggles continue
Trying to answer
All the questions
That come along

Used to play the games
But age has come my way
Dreams that I had then
Starting to fade away

A look in the mirror
Reminds me of the old
Having myself to blame
Feeling my insecure self

Need to look deep inside
To find out life’s purpose
Maybe get rid of all
These things that
Seem to make me happy
And try different ways
Or am I just tripping?


A little more

Payback time?
Should take this one slow…

The only time I think of falling
Is when I dream of falling
Even so when I wear a suit
And drink myself out
Looking dignified
Could it be a reality?

Used to be the main one calling
Most of my friends no longer call
There is nothing left
Where I used to hide
The only inspiration
Left is the hope to life
Caring for what the heart is for

I am all out
I can see the ceiling
Go round in cycles
Cold and awake
Then I see the end
Conversations run dry

I don’t listen that much
With no much luck left
But my insipiration
Keeping me awake
Full of hope
And faith…