I will give up all
To be with you
To touch you
To hold and feel you
I know you also feel me

You are the best
I can ever want
Being with you is
The closest to heaven
That I have ever been

All I can feel
All I can taste
At this moment
Is you as part of me

I will give up forever
Just to be with you!


Satisfactions unsatisfied

Imagine if you could
Me and you kissing
Holding tight and touching
Your sweaty scent sweetness
Of you covers my skin
Our bodies levitate as one
We feel the heat
Deep inside we dig
All we could do
Is hold ‘till the heavens come

Do not stop
Take it off
I want to taste every drop
Touch and feel my stomach
It trembles inside
The butterflies can’t fly away
My heart races
Cravings abound
I am truly blessed
Just being with you

Picture this if you will
Can you my darling?
The world doesn’t understand
Feel the heat grow stronger
Moving together to
The sounds as
We breathe in and out
Letting out the screams
To satisfactions unsatisfied!