Love is patient and kind; it is not jealous or conceited or proud.
Love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable.
Love does not keep a record of wrongs.
Love is not happy with evil, but is happy with the truth.
Love never gives up; and its faith, hope, and patience never fail.
Love is eternal!


Take me…

I got no money
Can’t buy you flowers
Can’t take you out
Got no car
Got no bike
Will you be mine?

If you wanna take it
I like the way you
Look at me
Don’t know how to act
No shame now
I can’t complain now
Will take the next ride
Need to be with you!

I got something
For you…


We are not of this world, but, we are in it

Are the things you are doing in your life bringing people to the Lord? Are all you do so secretive that no one knows you have a testimony?

Your light should shine bright. Your life should stand out and warn all that the life we are living is meaningless unless we see the light of Christ.

Can the world see the way of Christ because of your life? Let it be seen in all you do, say and live!

Ways Christians tend to engage the world
1. Conformed Christians
There is no difference between them and the others. The result is death.

2. Disengaged Christians
They only want to engage in prayer but are not engaged with the world. They are not pushing the world to a better direction and guiding others into a connecting with the Lord.

3. Impacting the world
They engage the world to build it and reach out to many to engage the Lord. By engaging the world, God will use us to impact the world positively.

We are not of this world but we are in it. God’s plan is to use us as christians to reflect and shine His light to the world. Let us engage the world!


Play the game

This is not an easy game
Sometimes it can be unfair​
Might just well play the game
Been longing to see you
To know how you been
Oh my girl
Will find my way
Back to you
Hope you’ll be smiling
Longing to see me

You thought well
To drop me a call
Just to say hello my dear
I am doing fine
My dear
Ours is a love that’s true
And will never change

I’m not playing any games
Tell me you doing fine
Tell me right now ’cause
I wanna know if
When all comes back
I will be there
To take all the blame
For loving you


That feeling

As I walked around the world
To ease down my troubles
Along came the moon
The dark side
Of the moon

I left my body
Lying somewhere
I felt a sensation
I knew it had to
Be something about you
I feel like there
Is nothing I cannot do
As long as you remain
There, holding my hand

I really don’t mind
What happpens now
Or then
As long as
You be my friend
I will keep you
By my side

You are always there
You bump your head
And hurt your soul
But I took you
For granted
I let you down

If it were not for you
I wouldn’t be me
Hold on
Just be my friend
My everything
Even when I go crazy!



Look out
Look up
To the sky
The stars
They shine for you

I came along
Trying to get you
I took my time
Everything turned to
Something beautiful

I jumped along
I drew a path
Did all I could
Just to be there
For you I was
True to self but
Fate played me

It is true
Everything shines
For you
All the things
For you are mine, beautiful!