A closer look

Taking a look at my life
I realize that there is no much left
I Need to go down on my knees
And say a prayer before I go
Back to chasing my dreams

Blind to the daily on-goings
My life is out of luck
Been treated as a punk
My anger is raised
I can’t live a normal life,

Walking around
Smiles allover the face
Reminiscing the pain and joy
Of days gone by
Life will never be as it seems
Everyday praying for better
Until the day this life ends!



Mafanikio yangu yanakutegemea wewe. Iwapo upweke utanizidi, ni wewe dawa yangu. Machozi na maumivu yangu, ni wewe tu unayeweza kunituliza. Mtazamo na mwenendo wako, ni utulivu kwa yangu hofu.

Nikumbatie. Nikumbatie watuone. Wajinyonge wakitaka. Ili wajue kuwa ni wewe wangu. Roho zao zichafuke. Wivu uwazidie. Kisha watulie kwa ugunduzi wa undani wa penzi letu!


Ungalipo hapa…

Tamanio langu ni…

Ningependa nikuone,
Niwe karibu nawe,
Niseme nawe,
Nikutazame machoni.

Naumia kwa upweke,
Roho yangu inakuhitaji,
Lakini u mbali,
Mbali nami,
Hata mawazoni,

Lini utafika,
Uje tuonane,
Unipunguzie tamaa,
Tamaa na hamu,
Hamu ya kukuona,
Hata mara moja,
Tu kwa miezi,
Moyo utaridhika.

Maumbile yako,
Raha kwa macho,
Tamaa kuzidi ovyo,
Hata kuona popo,
Mchana bila moto,
Nipe hata robo,
Pande la roho,
Na penzi lako!



If you could see the thoughts
Running in my head
I am tripping?
You playing

You just my type
I am a player?
Yes, it is true
But I will change the game for you

I have seen faces
Faces that you aint ever
Thought about thinking
He got replaced by a buster
Yet he thought she got love for him
Then you say I am tripping?
Can’t trust you for that
And just because you
Act like you don’t care
That’s the way it will be

Ain’t trying to preach
But I believe I passed the message.


The Break

Life is a big game
Situations so twisted that
If you got a late start
You have to run a little faster
And play with a big heart
So you dont get caught
Down beneath everyone else

Trying to take care of my life
And handle my business
I know the times are hard
And the problems seem endless
Temptations all over
Faith disappeared
But in times of despair we have to
Pull ourselves together and get back in it
Because nothing worse than a quitter!


Dreaming away…

Everything about it
Makes me laugh
Every memory of
Walking talking laughing
Those old times
Listening to the radio
A photo of us
Sipping on black coffee
Laced with rum
I miss the moments
Could we perhaps
Try to relive the time?

A sacrifice of all
The memories past
Taken me down
To places with
Dark dirty streets
Feeling like life
Settled high but
Not strong enough
Willing to take
These dreams and
Make them mine

Trying to live
Like a blind
Man sick about
The sense of
Feeling reminding me
Of the sickening
Stories taking me
To the bottom
Of every battle

Never lived like
A wise man
Or even tried to
You must have been
The bad one
Was always true
Never tried deviate
Could be different
Could be wrong
Running for you!

I hate to turn
Up uninvited but
I could not live
Another moment as
Time flies fast
Yesterday was our
Glory filled time
But never mind
I wish nothing but
The best for you
Regrates and mistakes
Are great for memories
Dreaming away….